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Slightly worried, i rang up THE MANUFACTURERS last night, to see when "The Uberset" will be arriving. My FEAR was based on the fact that i wanted to send a copy to South By SouthWest to apply to GO next year, and the deadline is heading this way FAST. Turns out they'll be turning up either next Tuesday or Wednesday, which is GRATE because I'll have them in time for my next few SOLO VENTURES, but a bit nerve wracking in terms of DEADLINES, so i BURNT myself a copy and posted THAT to America instead... anyway, yes, watch out kids, new solo album JOY coming this way soon!

Meanwhile, i forgot to mention earlier on in the week, but there is some NEW SONG ACTION available over in the Song Blog and Annotations. This one's called "Travelling By Train", it's about how GOOD it can be, and the chorus has a TOON that has revolved around my head all week.

And now - the WEEKEND!

posted 14/10/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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