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Blog: Busy Weekend

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PHEW, it is nice to be back at work where i can RELAX, for LO! it has been a busy weekend!

Friday saw me travelling round various BOROUGHS of London with Mr Eddy Bewsher, who is a LOVELY LOVELY man. We ended up in an East End Pub like off the TELLY - it felt STRANGE as it was SO FRIENDLY and all around us people were meeting people they didn't know in a DELIGHTFUL way. Next day i was off to THE FENS to go and see GRANDPARENTS, which was obviously NICE but a bit knackering.

And THEN on Sunday i zapped off to Leicester for the First International Horsefair. As is the LAW with All-Dayers things were running slightly late and somebody had dropped out, but as these pretty much cancelled each other out all was well, and Lee The Organiser seemed pretty pleased with how things were going. I know Lee from A MILLION YEARS AGO when we both used to drink in the MAG, and it was slightly ODD but very GOOD to realise we were both STILL AT IT, doing THE ROCK in very different ways to how we had been then, and still very much ENJOYING it.

First on was Curtis Eller, who was ACE - he played on his own with a BANJO, and was EXCITING and FUN and MOVING. He was bellowing out the songs, and did a couple of them without PA. He finished SPECTACULARLY by running around the room and THEN outside and right round the building, still singing. It was EXCELLENT! After him was The Chemistry Experiment, who seem to move FORWARD EVER MORE whenever i see them towards being ROCK TITANS, such is their Being A Band NESS. Best bit was "Forever Autumn" as expected, and it was ACE again to see people just GRINNING when they played it.

Then it was US! On we went, and played THIS:
  • Better Things To Do
  • Tell Me Something You DO Like
  • Hey Hey 16K
  • Looking At My Hands
  • Quality Of Life Enhancement Device
  • Things'll Be Different (when I'm in charge)
  • The Gay Train
  • Easily Impressed

  • It seemed to go pretty well - we were VERY LOUD, and so couldn't really hear the vocals, but after a few songs i RELAXED into it and just enjoyed us being HUGELY LOUD, which felt GOOD. I got a bit distracted during "Tell Me Something You Do Like" and forgot loads of words, and was IMPRESSED by Emma's ability to ADAPT. PHEW! The "OI! HIBBETT!" bit was dead good too, and at the end Tim pointed out that it had been our SECOND Good Gig In Leicester in a ROW - things, they be CHANGING!

    Afterwards I had a chat to some of the lovely people who had turned up, and INDEED spent much of the day doing the same. For a while i was FREAKED by how many people there were there who i KNEW, then realised that as i had actually LIVED there for so long it perhaps wasn't so surprising. Anyway, then Kev Hewick came on and was GRATE - he was ENERGISED and full of VIM, more INTO IT, it seemed to me, than I have seen him EVER, really. There's a whole NEW bunch of people in Leicester doing loads of gigs, and there seems to be a real SCENE going on, and it is a scene that has EMBRACED Mr Hewick as its Elder Statesman. Seeing him ENJOYING his own gig so much, and seeing so many other people enjoying it TOO was a thing of great beauty, LO! it was really rather moving!

    After Kev i had to go and get my TRANE, and so missed Lee's own band MisterLee, which was a bit of a shame. It was a LOVELY day tho, roll on SECOND International Horsefair!

    posted 17/10/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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