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Sorry for how appalling the site looks at the moment. I've had a Tripod account for about eight years, and have been paying for a Webmaster Account with them for several of those, but for some reason i got downgraded to a "Free" account over the weekend. This meant that i was suddenly over my storage quota, so loads of files have been deleted (mostly very important ones too!), adverts have reappeared all over the place, and the entire domain "" is no longer working.

It's been a bit of a disaster all round really, and my attempts to get hold of Tripod have so far come to NAUGHT. I've sent three emails since yesterday morning, NONE of which have been answered, there's no telephone numbers anywhere for tech support, and when I rang their press centre (the only place WITH phone numbers listed) i got a series of "Press 1 for..." lists and EITHER the same lists AGANE when I pressed a number, or a message from somebody who no longer works there.

It's pretty bloody appalling i reckon, i DO pay them CA$H MONEY every month so would expect a LITTLE bit better service than this i.e. SOME. In the end I GUESSED a phone number for somebody who MIGHT work there, and got a nice American Lady who took my number and passed it on to somebody who might help. No joy yet!

More THRILLING UPDATES, as they occur!

posted 18/10/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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Customer service for web companies can be appalling. They're generally pretty efficient when things go well, but completely useless whenever they have to deviate from the script. I had six months of email deleted by a company without any warning. I accept that companies might sometimes think they have to clear data, but they should have procedures in place that recognise it's not their data - they're just looking after it. Sending a warning before annoying your customers would be sensible in any business, but web businesses just don't get it. You have my sympathy and I hope you're able to recover the site without too much hassle!
posted 19/10/2005 by Sean

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