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Crumbs, who ever said ROCK AND ROLL was a lifestyle of decadence and glamour? Now i have tasted THE DARK SIDE i am full of sympathy for The Stones, The Crue et al, for LO! i have spent much of this week STRUGGLING against the forces of THE MAN!

First of all we've had the SITE COLLAPSE, obviously instigated by THE MAN as a means of thwarting me and my ILK. Thanks ever so much to everyone for the Supportive Emails and Server Offers and TING, it's very much appreciated. I think the current plan is to MIGRATE to a different server in the new year, one that has SCRIPTING on it so's i can do Clever Stuff. This will also involve a SITE REDESIGN - i love the typewriter, but it WAS designed to go along with the design for "Say It With Words" over SIX YEARS AGO, and it IS a bit of a bugger to navigate round, so I'm going for a New Clean Look. There's a sneak preview of it over on the Annotations page. The basic idea is to have something easy to update, FLEXIBLE, bookMARKable, Compliant With Health And Safety, and (Oh YES you fiends of modernity!) easy to do for one of them RSS feeds. It will, to be honesty, be the sort of SITE i tell OTHER people they should have! In the meantime I think I've got MOST things working again, which is, i must admit, something of a RELIEF!

While all THAT was going on BLOGGER decided to introduce one of them "Enter the letters you see here" THINGS, that thing some places do to make sure you are not a ROBOT. I'd've thought it would have been more effective to have a question saying "What is the meaning of... EMOTION?" so that any ROBOTS would start to get smoke coming out of their ears and shout "ILLOGICAL!" but HEY! it seems to work for web companies... except for BLOGGER, so that i couldn't BLOG anything yesterday. I note they have now removed it, so expect to see a DALEKS start blogging about how the OTHER Daleks refuse to listen to his poetry etc etc any day now.

And ALSO i've been on TENTERHOOKS for the last few days waiting for THE UBERSET CDs to finally turn up. It's nearly a month since i ordered them, i was expecting them on TUESDAY, but now apparently they're coming TOMORROW. THE MAN has obviously been letting down the tires on the VAN - i mean, it's ALWAYS at least three days of nervous waiting and Staying In Just In Case when CDs are supposed to be coming, but this is all A Bit Much.

Never fear tho, THE KIDS - slowly we are prevailing, slowly but SURELY!

posted 20/10/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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Did you know you already have an RSS feed? (Well, Atom.) It's
posted 24/10/2005 by Dan

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