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Blog: Fun With Robots

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Ah, the INTERWEB! How much FUN can it possibly GET?

As regular visitors will know, last week the site got into TROUBLE. This happened because I had to change my banking details for payments to Tripod, who store this site, as my old card went out of date. I changed the details, but because I left the "State" field blank it automatically entered "New York" and gave me a New York Zipcode instead of my postcode. This invalidated my payment details, which meant Tripod didn't get their payment on the due date. Rather than tell me this, they downgraded my account to a "free" account, which had no .net address and much less memory. Due to the fact that I now had more files than allocated memory they deleted loads of files (years worth of work!), cancelled, and put adverts all over the place.

I sent them several emails over several days to try and find out what had happened, before working it out for myself, changing the bank details, and getting things going again. I'd sent them three or four messages during this time to try and find out what was going one, and after I'd fixed things myself got a message from them saying "Your site appears to be working just fine."

(this is the bit where Esther Rantzen looks WITHERINGLY into the camera, by the way).

Thankful to at last have a name and email address to reply to (all the other correspondence had been sent via a form) I emailed back and explained, fairly patiently, that this was NOT the case, that they had deleted several years worth of work, and that I would like it back, please. For the past week they have replied saying, variously, "Everything with your site seems to be fine now", "Everything is working now!" and, yesterday "We do not delete Premium Members files".

This last one was after I'd explained THREE TIMES what was going on, WITH all previous correspondence included. I sent an EXTREMELY long email reply back, going into IMMENSE detail once again, and today i got a reply:
Dear Mark Hibbett,

It appears that is working just fine.


This is the bit where Esther Rantzen goes into a BERZERKER RAGE and DESTROYS!!!

But what should I do? I've already sent off an ENRAGED reply, but i'm getting close to the use of Bad Language, which is NEVER a good thing in these sort of dealings, and every time i get one of these replies it just makes me MORE ANNOYED. Should I just stop bothering? Quite clearly I'm going to be going over to a new service provider (after Christmas), so should i just Let It Go? I really would like to get my deleted files BACK at some point, but I'm beginning to think maybe i should just spend a couple of days going through my old files to FIND them, rather than get HET UP about it. Or, on the other hand, should i STRIKE A BLOW for the paying customer?

All i know is that i have a short-term answer to hand: I'm off to the pub!

posted 26/10/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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