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Here's an idea for you - now that several lovely people have bought Hey Hey 16K t-shirts, why don't we have a GALLERY of people wearing them? It's something I've seen elsewhere and I think it would be - hey! - FUN!

HOWEVER, if we are going to DO this thing there has to be a RULE, and here it is: all photographs must feature the photgraphee demonstrating MARTIAL ARTS PROWESS. You know, like what i am in the pictures. It'll be GRATE! If you're UP FOR IT, EMAIL me with a picture of you DOING KARATE (or kung fu, judo etc...) whilst wearing a Hey Hey 16K t-shirt, and we shall create an awesome gallery of MIGHTINESS for future generations! OH YEAH!

posted 28/10/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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An interesting idea - although I'm AFEARED that I will look a right twat in the photo! I'll get working on my poses so that I'm ready when the shirt returns to me miraculously afresh after I dumped it in the laundry basket last night ... :)
posted 28/10/2005 by Matt (AFCW)

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