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I went to THE THEATRE last night - yes, get me, i am dead sophisticated, OH YES!

It wasn't THAT posh to be honest, it was one of them Theatre Pubs in Islington, and it featured a COLLEAGUE of my friend Cathy with whom i went. I have known her since approx. 300 BC when we were at POLY, in The Leicester Polytechnic Poor Theatre Company (NB AM DRAM), so it was a bit of a stroll down memory lane for both of us, with the eager parents looking proud, the friends LAUGHING and/or CHEERING when the person they'd come to see first came on, and the general CHARM of the whole affair, of people having FUN. I also remembered that the bar gets PACKED in the interval, so LEAPT from my seat as soon as the lights started coming back on and was first at the BAR. HOORAH!

It was lovely all round really, i remember from my own experiences that just getting THROUGH it is exciting enough, so that at the end you're on a MASSIVE HIGH, and everybody certainly seemed to be that way too. It's beautiful to see people doing ART STUFF for the sheer HECK and PALINESS of it - again, i remember thinking "COR, imagine if i get SPOTTED and become The Actor Of My Generation eh? LUMME!" at the time, but it was never as if my LIFE depended on it, and that always meant things went by much EASIER than, for example, when you do a GIG with bands who DO think that the entire future of Western Civilisation depends on them getting the EXACT level of treble on the high hats that they think they deserve.

The word "amateur" gets such a bad press these days doesn't it? I am PROUD of my amateur status in the world of ROCK, it means we do it for LOVE not for CAREER ADVANCEMENT, come my friends, let us RECLAIM it!

posted 28/10/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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yes yes yes. this is EXACTLY what i've been saying about "amatuerism" for aaaaaages. in this MODERN DAY AND AGE we can do art and have it appreciated without falling into cliched starving artist mode/compromising to fit THE MAN'S current passing fancies and then being THROWN down yon DUMPER.

also hurrah rss feeds! :)
posted 30/10/2005 by CarsmileSteve

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