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Blog: Camden Town

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We had a household OUTING last night to CAMDEN, where we went to see The Fighting Cocks. I've said it a hundred times or more here, so we'll keep it brief, but they were GRATE. They pretty much always ARE these days, and once again it was a ACE mix of HARDCORE BEATS, POM POMS, and people trying to look TOUGH and FEIRCE whilst jumping up and down GRINNING with the FUN of it all. It was LOVELY!

Also we saw The Comedian Jeremy Hardy, who was stood at the bar looking slightly confused by the proceedings. Aah, the GLAMOUR of LONDON!

Right then, time to get my TRAM RIDING SHOES on, for LO! i am off to SHEFFIELD for THE FUZZTIVAL, one of the HIGHLIGHTS of my ROCKING YEAR. I am told by TEXTUAL that they were playing "The Lesson Of The Smiths" at OFFBEAT last night, it is a GOOD OMEN!

posted 29/10/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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