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Blog: Much Excitement!

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What a THRILLING Inbox i opened up this morning, full of JOYOUS FACT!

First of all, thanks to everyone who's emailed nice things about the gig in Sheffield on Saturday, it was a LOVELY day, as i may have mentioned, ENHANCED by the Lovely People who were there. Also TA very much to everyone who's been buying The Uberset as a result of seeing it in this month's newsletter. For those who've not signed up yet, details of how to GET it are HERE, along with the latest issue. It's FACT-TASTIC!

I also got an email from Mr G Gilchrist of Leicester pointing out that Splendid has a REVIEW of "Warriors Of Nanpantan" in today. I had completely given up hope of seeing it, i must say, as it was sent them about ten months ago, but i am VERY glad to see it in, as it is really rather a GOOD review. I don't mean that it says it is The GRATEST RECORD EVER, but that it, i think, gets it SPOT ON. HOORAH!

And talk of Americans With VIM, another email tells me we're getting to close to sorting out a GIG in NEW YORK in a few weeks time. Thanks very much to EVERYONE who's been offering help with this, i am REALLY grateful, and shall be RELIEVED when it gets sorted!

And finally, that nice Mr Steve Lamacq played "The Peterborough All-Saints Wide Game Team (group B)" on his 6Music Show. I know it doesn't show up on the tracklisting, but he did, HONEST! It's about 40 minutes in, if you want to listen again, and he's very nice about it too, bless!

It's been a smashing Morning Of ROCK so far - in all the RUSH to get The Uberset made I'd forgotten about how GRATE this bit is!

posted 1/11/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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Splendid ezine is finishing at the end of the year - check out the picture of how many CD's they received in the last 4 months...
posted 3/11/2005 by Francis

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