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Two little SNIPPETS of European ACTION for us today. First of all "Ring Your Mother" was played on Another Nice Mess over in Amsterdam this week. This was ESPECIALLY lovely, for me at least, as it is constantly named as The Validators' least favourite (released!) song what i have written, so it's nice that it's getting some LOVE!

Secondly, I've had this review from Swedish magazine "Superplay", sent to me by Mr Chris Abbot of the "Back In Time Live" event we played in Manchester. They said:
"MJ Hibbett has actually nothing more in common with the C64-worshipers than his glasses and that he wrote Hey Hey 16K, an anthem to the childhood of the home computer, with a lot of name dropping of programming commands and loading messages in the lyrics. Part from that he composes pretty witty power-pop with his band The Validators. And even though the PA-system seem to be quipped with revolving doors, it's an excellent warm-up act. When Hey Hey 16K, in a shameless public pleasing manner, is played the second time around a third of the audience gotten down on their knees by the stage to sing along. A guy dances unsteadily, a combination of euphoria and cheap lager.

MJ Hibbett sings in the song The Lesson of The Smiths: "Don't wait for years for a retrospective / get into it now", and that's the key phrase of Back in Time: those who're here has been in it from the beginning."

Thanks, our European Friends!

posted 3/11/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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Ring Your Mother's a lovely song! Validators' least favourite? What are they thinking?!
posted 4/11/2005 by John Kell

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