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I'm listening live to Another Nice Mess at the moment - I'm actually listening LIVE to me, recorded in Catford, and it's all a bit weird. It's LOVELY tho, also quite EXCITING to think that I'm listening in to the people of Amsterdam, listening to ME, and HELLO to anyone who's come here as a result!

ARF! She's just followed up "Lesson Of The Smiths" with "Reel Around The Fountain", just like WE do (sort of) when we play it with the band. COOL!

In other news, last night I rather sadly tidied up, zipped up, and then placed NEATH THE BED my Chariot Of ROCK (nb the wheely suitcase i take to gigs with me these days, full of Hey Hey 16K t-shirts, CD's and, generally, a clean t-shirt and some WET WIPES for de-sweating after the gig), in the knowledge that i had completed my Last UK Date Of The YEAR. I took my guitar out of its bag, and thought "You'll be staying at home for a while now". I was WRONG however, because I'm now playing at FOXFEST at The Fox & Firkin in Lewisham next Saturday - full details, as ever, are at the GIGS page. I'm on at ten to one, then I'm off to my brother's leaving do in Maida Vale for the rest of the day. There may be DRINK!

posted 8/11/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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