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By heck, i have been doing so much DYNAMIC THINKING today that my HAIR is standing on end. In my HYPER-BRANE state i have convinced myself that this is because THORT generates ELECTRICITY, and so my own MIND has become a sort of Van Der Graaaf Generator i.e. making hair stand out, but not playing dodgy prog rock. As yet.

It's all towards getting SORTED for a) our trip round the world b) WORK c) ROCK in the New year and d) the AAS Christmas Album. This latter is moving elegantly towards completion with a POSSIBLE title now of "Give Me Mince Pies" due to the rather excellent cover illustration by Jimmy, SON of Frankie Machine. It is ACE and features a Kung Fu Santa Claus kicking a Christmas Punchbag. The INSIDES also have NEW and EXCLUSIVE tracks by us, Johnny Domino, The Frightened Prisoners Of The Kraken, Plans & Apologies, Frankie Machine and, hopefully, Dr Coca Cola McDonalds. Half the tracks are Christmassy, half AREN'T, and ours are going to be "The Advent Calendar of FACT" and, probably, "Never Going Back To Aldi's".

Meanwhile I'm trying to sort out various BITS and BOBS for our trip, like a gig in New York, meeting lovely relatives in San Francisco, what day trips to go on in Hawaii, and how to get from Auckland to Whakatane in New Zealand. Much to my surprise it turns out New Zealand ISN'T actually the size of The Isle Of Wight, but actually a bit bigger. Who knew? It's all looking good for getting sorted anyway, but after me doing my bits and ESPECIALLY The Upgrade To My Seating doing all the work booking flights and hotels and RESEARCHING, we are going to need a HOLIDAY by the end of next week.

HOOPLA! We're going on one! ZANG!

posted 10/11/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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