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Blog: Action Packed!

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I am RACING around at the moment DOING things, ready for when we go off on our Round The World Trip (departing a week today! EEK!), so apologies if this week's UPDATES get a bit BRIEF. Here's what's occurred lately:

  • On THURSDAY The Poles of My Planet and I went to see OTWAY in Barking. He was GRATE, and I must say i quite liked Wilko Johnson too, with whom he was playing. He did THE DANCE, just like on ye olde newsreel footage, it was very exciting!
  • On SATURDAY i went to LEWISHAM to see Kill City Defectors who were FUNKY and also GOOD, which is RARE! Why, by the end of the set my left knee was JIGGLING, and for me at a gig that is KRAZY TIMES! Also there were ALL the Orange & Blue/Kooba/Let's Go Baboon/2Bob KREWS, so I had a LOVELY night hugging various people - this latter aided by Mr J Yeah saying over the tannoy "If you see MJ Hibbett, give him a hug, he LIKES it!" It's true!
  • On SUNDAY I met with Mr Fleay for our AAS Christmas Curry and BUSINESS MEETING, where we discussed some excellent PLANS, mostly to make AAS a bit easier to run. He also handed over a CD-R of the AAS Christmas Album, which sounds DEAD good I must say. It'll be available next month, though NOT for sale. We're sending copies out to TYPES on our press/radio/promoters mailing list, and then there'll be about 50 copies available FREE. If you want to know how to get one of these, details will be in this month's NEWSLETTER, which'll be out on Friday. Don't miss it, POP PALS!

    posted 14/11/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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