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Blog: That Time Of The Month

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My INBOX is gently filling with messages telling me who's on holiday at the moment, who's not cleared out their emails, and who's changed Service Providers, for LO! i have just sent out this month's copy of the NEWSLETTER, and all the Out Of Office replies and MailServer Errors have fluttered back, as they always do. It's lovely - it's like THE MACHINES are saying hello!

The NEWSLETTER's a bit early this month because, as i may have mentioned, in passing, myself and The North Of My Compass of off CIRCUMNAVIGATING THE GLOBE on Monday! WAHEY! We're in New York then San Francisco next week, then off for a week in Hawaii, then Whakatane and Auckland in New Zealand and finally Singapore, getting back to That London on Saturday 17th December. Today's my last day at work, and it feels WEIRD and EXCITING as I haven't had this long off work since i was last UNEMPLOYED way back in 1991. Will i even REMEMBER how work WORKS when i get back?

Anyway, I shall probably UPDATE things here before i go, and I'll try and BLOG on my travels, so the only thing to say TODAY is that if you wish to PANIC BUY any merchandise before i leave, today is really the day to do it! Any orders I get after tonight won't get posted out until I get back, so if, for instance, you're buying a Hey Hey 16K t-shirt for That Special Somebody, you should do it now!

I stand ready for THE RUSH!!

posted 18/11/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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