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Blog: New York!

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I'm sitting at the DESK in our SUITE on the 27th, with the East River behind me and the Chrysler Building LOOMING to my right and the sound of traffic below, thinking "Surely this can't REALLY be happening?"

When we got off the plane (on which we watched "Hitch" and "Fantastic Four", both of which were GRATE, tho "Hitch" was good all the way through whereas "FF" got a bit boring towards the end) i was surprised to find that everything looked the same as at home, VISION WISE, and wasn't a bit grainier with brighter colours, like it is on the telly. The US Customs Guy was HORRID, and when he said "What exactly the relationship between you too?" to me and The Wings On My Aeroplane i felt like saying "That's none of you business, damn you sir!" but didn't.

We got a yellow taxi to our hotel, and the doorman came RUNNING out with a brolly, and somebody brought our bags up for us, it was LUXURIOUS! When we got up here we looked out at The Manhattan Skyline and it looked like... a Manhattan Skyline. I guess we're so used to it being painted on walls or the background of album covers and posters that it's almost something we're used to, but occasionally my BRANE breaks through and shouts "OH! MY! WORD! We're actually THERE!"

The roofs of the buildings have water towers, just like in the comics, there's steam coming out of the pavements, just like in the films, and there's fire hydrants on the corners of the streets, just like on the telly. I spent all night DREAMING of going to the corner DELI, and this morning in did just that. The two felt the same.

Today's it's a bus tour for us, as it's raining - i wonder when I'll actually believe this fantastic thing is happening? It's NEW YORK!!

posted 22/11/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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