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Blog: A Temple To Travel

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We went to look at Grand Central Station this afternoon - WOW! What an AMAZING place it is, it's just GORGEOUS. It's another place I've seen on TV and in films so many times, but i still wasn't ready for how BEAUTIFUL it is inside, MAN it's like a CATHEDRAL of TRAINS, just wonderful. ALSO it has AMPLE signage, so you always know where you are and where you're off to, and it's packed full of shops and things to look at. People seemed to actually GO there on purpose whether they had a train to catch or not, which really DOESN'T happen at St Pancras, let alone Birmingham New Street.


posted 25/11/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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I been there! Glad you're both having an ace time out there...
posted 28/11/2005 by Pauly

It is INTERESTING to get the out of TOWNER point of view -- I actually never stopped to REALIZE just how GORGEOUS Grand Central is! When you are a commuter, you tend to focus on transportation hubs as EVIL and necessary INCONVENIENCES. But I shall remember Hibbet's golden rules of travel, and try to better APPRECIATE that which sits a stone's throw away!
posted 30/11/2005 by scrambledgreggs

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