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It's the last working day of the month, which of course means that the latest issue of our newsletter, The Last Working Day Of The Month has just gone out. Everybody is obviously HARD AT IT at the moment, as I've only so far received ONE Out Of Office AutoReply, and that was just for today while someone was in a meeting... come one, Newsletter Mailing List, don't we DESERVE a break?

Anyway, if you're NOT on the mailing list you can always read it from the Newsletter Archive where you'll also find a rather WHIZZY new form so you can sign up for the next issue, if you'd like to.

And while I'm here - all this stuff about Tessa Jowell's husband, is it me or is it a bit ODD that everyone's quite happy to say the Prime Minister of Italy goes around BRIBING people, as if that's quite normal and acceptable? And isn't he the bloke who OUR Prime Minister goes on holiday with? It's a bit RUM, that's what it is.

And finally - if anyone's coming along to the LSE gig tonight, I'm on at about 8.30pm, but i HEARTILY recommend getting there for eight o'clock to see Winston Echo, he is ACE!

posted 28/2/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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