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Goodness me, it's all go here. Yesterday I was CHAINED to a computer working on the MULTIMEDIA ASPECT to "A Fridge Full Of Nice Things", and I must say it's looking rather lovely. The main BULK of the thing is pretty smart, with lots of FACT and lyrics and generally looks ACE. I'll be re-using the design of it for the "WE VALIDATE!" multimedia too, and hopefully the webpage itself eventually. I also spent a long old time working on the interface for "Zipcodes", the free "cassette" that's going to come with it. Oh baby, it looks PRETTY DARN HOT.

When not toiling away at that I've been doing some extra WORK to pay for it all to be made - whither weekends? that has been my pinesome cry! I bet THE EDGE doesn't have to spend a Sunday afternoon building a conference organisation database just so that U2 can afford to put a new album out.

Meanwhile TODAY there have been all SORTS of exciting possibilities BUDDING - I'll try very hard not to say anything too much about it until Something Actually Happens this time, but i will say this: "Hey Hey 64K"! Whoo!

I've also been getting ready to go to Leeds tomorrow night (i'm onstage about 9pm I think) working on TWO new songs, and also watching the Lib Dems on the telly. I must say, I voted for Chris Huhne as I thought he'd be Quite Good, but I guess MING will be OK. My piece of advice would be this: please get a better haircut, OH MING, as at the moment it looks awful. As my webpage now seems to be READ by some of the people mentioned therein (see comments to this entry - what a nice man!), i feel sure that it will be taken on board.

posted 3/3/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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I was playing The Uberset last weekend, and happened across the "run start.htm" thing. Now every album I possess with one of those things on it always ends up disappointing. A couple of backdrops, maybe a blurry video and thats about it.

But wow - theres loads of stuff on Uberset. It was like suddenly discovering it had a B side! Put a real skip in my step. Thanks for your efforts.
posted 6/3/2006 by Peter (aka Cathedrow)

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