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Now that the comments are working again, let's have a rifle through the old POSTBAG, and see if i can answer some queries:

"We validate."

No, you don't. Over 200 errors.
I think it's a little unfair to blame me for the iniquities of myspace., i think you'll find, has only 6 "errors", ALL of which are piddling niggling things anyway. Hey! don't diss my HTML brother, just don't MESS with me that way!

And on a similar topic, Dan writes:
Was just hearing about the success of MySpace on the radio this morning... you must be proud to be part of the growing empire:

I'm now getting confused when you write things like "Mr Murdoch was very nice indeed"...
It's hardly surprising that Myspace has FALLEN like this - it's hardly the most reliable system ever built, and it's surely one further step towards it falling out of fashion, like friendsreunited and all them others. I still think it's lovely tho, but I must say I've noticed a deterioration in the happiness of TOM THE MYSPACE GUY. When I first joined, WEEKS ago now, he'd send jolly little messages every so often, now it seems like every DAY he's throwing a wobbly because somebody's suggested Myspace doesn't work properly. Tom! Calm down! It'll be OK!

Carsmile Steve meanwhile, suggests:
Steve, I'm waiting until they ask ME!

Tahrey reports, about our recent gig in Leicester:
I was one of the slightly star-struck into silence guys in the crowd making way for all your good selves to go back and forth, wanting to say a quick hello, how was the set or something, but only passing by when an incredibly loud band was in full flow ... eh, there's always next time!
And on a similar tip, Andrew said:
I could leave some really rock 'n roll comment like "MJ borrowed a chair from our table", or point out that me and my brother were the ones cheering for QOLED (we heard it in Manchester last year, you see), but I'll just say, TOP GIG and leave it at that...
Thanks chaps, it's REALLY nice of you to come and say such lovely things, and thanks for the chair to! Please do come and say hello tho, this applies to everybody, ESPECIALLY if you've said beforehand that you might come, otherwise i get WORRIED! If you see me wandering around a venue on my own it's usually because I'm trying to find someone to talk to, it's NOT because I have briefly become unstuck from my entourage and am trying to find my way back to the Green Room. Talking to people after gigs, it's the BEST BIT!

Peter adds, about the same gig:
Do all the trees in Leicester have fairy-lights on the end of the branches? The trees by the Phoenix car park do, and so to the ones in the Firefly. Seeing as thats all the scientific evidence we could muster, we came to the inescapable conclusion that Leicester soil is made out of plutonium. I'm not so sure now- and I'm pondering the possibility that trees only glow when they're happy. And trees are therefore at their happiest in Leicester. Its probably the music.
It's that or the easy access to SAMOSAS. Or the large range of nice pubs, or the brilliant people who live there, or indeed any NUMBER of factors. Leicester is GRATE! If you get a chance to go through the city centre proper (NB tho don't try this on a Saturday night, as it turns into All Other Towns On A Saturday Night then) you'll notice that Leicester keeps its Christmas Decorations up all year round. This is because they're not JUST Christmas Decorations, they go on for Diwahli, Eid, and pretty much anything else that's going. Leicester, it is a city that likes to GET HAPPY!

Oh my goodness, Chris T-T came among us and said, in response to my remarks about seperating funny and "serious" songs:
You're entirely right Hibbett, about not separating 'serious' and 'funny'. In my case, esp with the red material, it's 'funnies' that get the point across, while it's not like anyone's shouting for "Court Of You", for example. Comment was an onstage mistake born of my unwillingness to sing "Eminem" and my being moved by your song about Thatcher.
Isn't he a lovely man? Now i feel AWFUL about even mentioning it. Let us consider other topics, such as Peter again:
I was playing The Uberset last weekend, and happened across the "run start.htm" thing. Now every album I possess with one of those things on it always ends up disappointing. A couple of backdrops, maybe a blurry video and thats about it. But wow - theres loads of stuff on Uberset. It was like suddenly discovering it had a B side! Put a real skip in my step. Thanks for your efforts.
Thanks for looking! And yes, if you've not had a go, stick any of our records from "This Is Not A Library" onwards you should find HUGE MOUNDS of FACT. INDEED, I'm currently working through the multimedia for the next couple of CDs, it's looking good!

That's that for this time then - thanks VERY MUCH to everyone who's been making REMARKS, including everyone who pointed out I'd got that Quiz Question about Prime Ministers Without WIVES (not husbands) the wrong way round, and the various HOT TIPS that I've received too. It's always appreciated, it's just HEARTENING to know so many NICE people are reading all this CRAZY NONSENSE! Ta!

posted 7/3/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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