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I went to a MEETING last night, with The Ginger Fuhrer Mr Rob Manuel and Simon From The Toy Company. Simon got in touch a week or so ago to ask about maybe using "Hey Hey 16K" to advertise a new toy/game they're making. It's a JOYSTICK that you plug straight into your telly, it's got an Actual Real-Life Commodore 64 inside it, and it's got 30 or so games pre-loaded on it - it's not an emulator, it's the real thing with the real GAMES inside it. It sounds RATHER COOL i must say (although would obviously be far cooler if it was an SPECTRUM), and they're bringing out a new one that'll have SOCKETS in it so you can plug a C64 keyboard in too.

We spoke on the phone last week - he was all excited about the possibility for the song and video to be a viral HIT, with people passing the link on to each other by email... so I felt a bit bad about telling him that this had already happened. Still, I had a think about it, spoke to Rob and also The Validators, and came up with a NEW IDEA: "Hey Hey 64K!"

We spoke of this in tones of mounting agreement last night - the plan is for us to record the NEW version quite soon (something which Tim has been trying to get us to do for ages) with the new words. I want to do new words because, to be honest, it would feel like a bit of a rip-off to just release it again, and also like i was trying to CASH IN all the goodwill we got from "Hey Hey 16K" the first time around by just making it into an advert. Re-doing it for the Commodore 64 does at least give us a viable reason for a new version, especially as it means Rob's going to do a new VIDEO for it too.

So yes, we'll do the new version, which will probably now be appearing on the "A Fridge Full Of Nice Things" EP, Rob'll do the video, and then hopefully the release of the single, the video, AND the joystick will all come out at the same time, and rather beautifully complement each other.

That's the plan anyway - it could all be rather JOLLY, but I'm trying not to let the old BRANE run away with it just yet, ESPECIALLY as I've now got to write a new verse about Commodore 64s... did anyone out there HAVE a Commodore 64? Were there equivalents to R:Tape Loading Error or RAM PAKS? I'm not looking for rhyming couplets or anything - HEY! that's MY job! - but if anybody has any particular memories they'd be gratefully recieved!

After that Rob and I went to the pub down the road for his regular monthly meeting with the guys who set the Image Challenge and The Question Of The Week for B3TA. As ever when I happen upon these sort of gatherings I think "Yes yes, this is all very well, but when do we start rigging the elections of major countries, OH YOU ILLUMINATI MEMBERS?" I did make some SUGGESTIONS tho for Things Of The Future, and bless them they even politely pretended to write some of them down, so when B3TA do a month when all the challenges are, basically, SEXY DINOSAURS, you'll know who to thank!

posted 8/3/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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