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Blog: Head Spun By Wheels Of Commerce

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You find me REELING today after a morning of Actually Behaving Like A Record Company. Yes I have been taking drugs, boozing at lunchtime and have had my hair cut like a pillock - AHA!

No, actually what I have been doing is preparing press packs, emailing and writing for gigs, sending material to our possible publicists, arranging the agenda AND SLIDES (YES!) for our Band Meeting on Sunday, and, just now, talking to DISTRIBUTORS.

Anyone who has ever run a label, and indeed anyone who's ever SPOKEN to anyone who runs a label, will know that distributors are DIFFICULT. They're notorious for never answering phone calls, "losing" packages, never paying invoices, and generally being utter gits. THUS i was quite surprised when I contacted this new lot and - GASP! - THEY RANG BACK! I know it doesn't seem like much, but i was MIGHTILY impressed. I've just been on the phone to them again, and it looks like we now WILL be able to get our new EP and album into THE SHOPS, which is rather exciting, and especially ONTO AMAZON.

The big THING about this, of course, is that it means people who like the new "Hey Hey 64K" song/video will be able to actually BUY it. My dears, the possibilities are SEVERAL for exciting things that could come of this. He ALSO had some WISE and SURPRISING words to say about how to arrange the release of the EP and the album - basically, he suggests, we should do both at the same time, and have the songs from the ALBUM that we want radio to play ON it. It's certainly a thought isn't it?

So now you find me a bit DIZZY with Things To Think About. Also, perhaps a little over-pleased by how nice the Powerpoint Presentation is looking. Whee! Dissolve Transitions!

posted 9/3/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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