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Blog: In The Conference Room

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Sunday afternoon found The Validators gathered in Woodhouse Eaves for a MEETING to discuss relevant issues for the forthcoming RELEASES. Usually for these sort of things we have an AGENDA - it's not very rock or roll, but it IS very handy, especially when you're wont to get a bit over-excited and start arguing about what we're all going to where on Top Of The Pops - but this time we had gone MUCH further. There'd been talk beforehand of getting a Data Projector sorted out, which I thought was a joke but NO, Mr McClure arrived with one he'd borrowed from work. Tim, however, had surpassed himself - not only had he got us a real-live projector screen, he'd also set up their dining table in full CONFERENCE MODE. Glasses, bottles of water (which me and Emma had picked up on the way), pads and pencils for all were provided, as well as NIBBLES. Even better, Tim had prepared a PRESENTATION for when he took us through the album design, which made me feel a bit guilty about NOT doing so for my bits.

It was GRATE. For about 2 seconds we all sat round going "Ho ho! Look at us with our conference table, are we not KRAZY?" then GOT DOWN TO IT and ROCKED HARD. I sometimes wonder if maybe we are not fulfilling our full potential by being content merely to ROCK - with the skills base, teamwork and DOWNRIGHT DYNAMISM of the five of us together one can only think that there are NATIONS out there who would benefit from our RULE.

We got a whole lot decided - the biggest item to come from it, for us at least, was that the EP is now NOT going to be an EP, it's going to be a DOUBLE-A-SIDE SINGLE! I know this is pretty much the same as before, but the reasons behind the change are pretty big for us - it's NOW going to be "Better Things To Do/Hey Hey 64K" (not "A Fridge Full Of Nice Things"), with "Leave My Brother Alone" and "The Other Rush Hour" as b-sides (not Other Tracks On The EP). It's all to do with FOCUSSING it as... well, as a proper single really, so we can use it to PUSH the album itself. It'll still have the extra stuff on the multimedia, but it DOES mean we've got to re-re-design the cover.

We then went through design decisions for both single and album, tentatively arranged dates for release of single (26th June), album (10 July) and then THE TOUR (w/c July 21st - diarise NOW!), worked out a schedule of EVENTS to achieve this, argued about t-shirt designs (GET! US!), debated points to TOUR to, and formalised ideas for the running order of the album. It was, in fact, a MAMMOTH SESSION but we got a whole HECK of a lot done, and I believe we all went away PLEASED, and also more than a little bit pleased with OURSELVES for being such a MIGHTY TEAM. Reader, I was PROUD of us!

Now i've got about eight weeks of BIG EFFORT and WORK to do - let's GO!

posted 13/3/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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