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Blog: It Only Works Because You're Here

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It's all busy busy busy here, as I'm beavering away both to do the extra work I've taken on the PAY for the album and single but also to sort out the multimedia bits that'll go on them. It's all looking pretty good, but it's not the most thrilling thing to have to do.

However, alongside all this Effort and Work the CREATIVE JUICES once again flow as over in the Song Blog you'll find the first new song of the year, "It Only Works Because You're Here". It's a lovely little song this one I must say, I've been singing it to myself ever since I finished writing it last week and playing it whenever I've had the opportunity. As is fairly obvious from the lyrics it's based upon the SUPERPOWER that all IT guys get after a while - if someone's computer is broken it can often be fixed by standing beside it's owner and saying "LO! Show me what is wrong!" and it will suddenly start working again.

Some people have tried to persuade me that this is because the user actually concentrates on what they're trying to do when a computer guy is stood behind them and thus does it properly, but personally I like to think of it as MAGIC. I've been thinking about all this quite a bit lately due to the GRATE programme "The IT Crowd", which is ACE and FUNNY and also VERY TRUE. I was just getting ready for work the other day whilst thinking about it and caught sight of myself in the mirror, dressed COMPLETELY stereotypically for my line of work and thought "HA! COMPUTER GUY!"

For some reason my brain went FTANG! And the idea for the entire song LANDED upon me there and then, and by the time I'd finished cleaning my teeth I'd got it all worked out, including the tune for the chorus. I spent a week or so actually writing it mind you, as I wanted to make sure it was RIGHT, and I was especially trying NOT to make every line 300 syllables long and impossible to sing. ALSO I spent a while trying out Actual Different Ways To Play It, with rhythms and that, which is a bit unusual for me playing stuff on my own, but I think it WORKS. I can't wait to get my next gig sorted out when I can play it - i want to see what people think to it, for LO! I LOVE it!

posted 15/3/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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