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Did anybody else see the documentary last night about Harold Wilson? EH? WHAT? BLIMEY! WHAT?!?

It was basically the story of how two journalists failed to expose a planned military coup against Harold Wilson, and i spent most of the programme with my MIND BOGGLING. To start with it wasn't that interesting, until about halfway through when you realised everyone was talking quite calmly about a proposed military coup that NEARLY HAPPENED. Here were grim faces from the Tory past like William Waldegrave and Jonathan Aitken quite happily talking about hearing of such things, and mixing with the people who were plotting the military take over of the country, as if it was just another bit of jolly old 1970's nostalgia. They had ONE OF the MANY retired military figures who had their own private army, ready to seize power - he looked like the complete stereotype of THE BARMY MAJOR, moustache boggly eyes and all, but he DID have thousands of men at his command ready to take up arms and kill people in order to, basically, protect the wealth of the Aristocracy.

And all through it everyone was quite happy to accept that Lord Mountbatten was going to lead the coup, and had even popped over to the Queen Mother to check that she wouldn't mind! And obviously she didn't!

I was stunned by it - as the programme said, nobody's ever been charged with anything (e.g. TREASON) and none of the "very senior" figures in the military have even been disciplined. It seems that the election of Ted Heath reassured them that their POTS OF CA$H would be safe, and so they pulled back. BLOODY! HELL!!

It's one of those moments when you pull back and realise that, actually, the artistocracy are there not because they're jolly benevolent charity workers or harmless old duffers, but because they're a bunch of semi-crazed ruthless bastards who'll stop at nothing to protect their own interests.

I've a good mind to hand my Jubilee Mug back!

posted 17/3/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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I didn't see the programme but your brief recounter has left me safe in the knowledge that the boot is still and has always been firmly on the face.

On a lighter note, see you at the Luminaire on the 13th x x
posted 19/3/2006 by Dicko

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