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The text messages were buzzing up and down the Midland Mainline route last night, as Tom kept me informed of his progress in The Studio. He was in Memphis last night with Mr Reverb to record his final parts for the album. A couple of weeks ago he went in and recorded piano and violin for "Mental Judo" and a trumpet-esque bit for "Girlfriend Alarmed", and last night he did some new violin tracks for "The Gay Train" and then got them all onto CD before heading off to Derby to pass them on to Mr Frankie Machine for mixing.

I was EXTREMELY impressed to hear of all his activity, and it made my heart GLAD to know that I'm in SUCH a GRATE band that can all go off and get things DONE individually like this if need be. Verily, we are like G-FORCE.

posted 17/3/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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ha, it just took me all of FIVE seconds to work out which vlad is which member of g-force (i'm not saying though, although it's pretty obvious).

if only i had advanced photoshop skills of some description...
posted 17/3/2006 by CarsmileSteve

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