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Blog: The Sounds Of Shifting Scenery

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Things may appear quiet here on our Interweb Domain, but my dears nothing could be further from the truth. As well as everything ELSE going on that I've mentioned/moaned about, I'm also prepping up a whole lovely new look for the webpages. Oh yes, there will be menus, there will be much easier navigation, there'll be quicker loading times and LO! there will be single pages which you can easily link to. ALSO it will look nicer, be easier for me to update, and a HECK of a lot easier to keep control of in future.

I know. There's nothing more rock and roll than a well defined file structure is there?

This does mean, however, that some things will be going away for a little while, so I can get them sorted out properly for their glorious rebirth, and the first victim of this is The Gallery. This has taken many forms over the years, none of which have been particularly easy to look at, and so I'm going to re-do the whole thing so, again, it's easier to look at and refer to and ENORMOUSLY easier for me to actually get together. This'll mean the task of setting up new galleries WON'T fill me with dread, so hopefully there'll be a few more of them!

Next to go will probably be the downloads section, so get in while you can!

posted 23/3/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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Making things easier to manage etc: You might have already thought of this, but why not use something like to manage all your gigs and flickr to manage all your pictures, and then use their simple "put this on your own site" code to reproduce it here... it's likely to be easier for managing than anything you can come up with AND then there's a chance more people will see this stuff too... I would say use the myspace events manager for it (I don't like it but I see you're using it already) but I don't think you can easily export from there so you'd still have to duplicate everything, leading to wasted effort and prob'ly errors...

If you want some help making your code validate and that give me a shout.

(just making sure my site all validates before I post this "generous" offer...)
posted 29/3/2006 by Pauly

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