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Blog: World Premiere

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There's an exciting WORLD PREMIERE taking place over on our myspace page right now, it's the first airing ANYWHERE (except for in our houses) of a track from the BRAND NEW ALBUM! Whoo! Also, ZANG!

It's called "Tell Me Something You Do Like" and it's very likely to be track 01 on the album. We're just getting into the penultimate mixes of EVERYTHING so I thought it was about time we let one of the songs into the open air - it seems weird but outside of The Validators and our immediate Loved Ones almost NOBODY has heard ANYTHING from the recent set of sessions. It's a far cry from my younger days when i would PELT down the pub straight after a night in the studio and FORCE people to listen to what we'd just done, and it struck me yesterday evening that maybe we SHOULD let something out, just to check we haven't gone STIR CRAZY.

Also up there is my cover version of "Fly Me To The Moon" which I recorded alongside "The Uberset" and was broadcast last year on Marcelle Van Hoef's show. I think it's quite nice! Crikey tho, it wasn't half an EFFORT to get it onto Myspace. I know that it's all supposed to be Web 2.0 and that, but does it all have to be as cranky, unreliable, error ridden and badly designed as Web 1.0 used to be?

Come on, Tom The Myspace Guy! Have a word!

posted 28/3/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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