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Blog: Chris TT/Newsletter/Turmoil

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Last night The News In My Newspaper and I went over to Shepherd's Bush to see Chris TT - he was GRATE, as ever, and this time he was doing a bit of an UBERSET. Giraffes, 7 Hearts, Huntsman, Preaching To The Converted - all the HITS, it was ACE!

Today has been a day of TURMOIL tho - the NEWSLETTER went out this morning, and engendered a FLURRY of emails. First of all we finally got news that the people we'd asked to do our PRESS now couldn't do it - they were very nice about it, but it does put us BACK a bit. THEN I discovered that "Hey Hey 64K" may not go ahead quite as planned... I'm not entirely sure WHAT might be happening now, although there's a few rather groovy ideas as to how we could progress. We might not do it at ALL, we might do it a lot better - whatever happens, we should find out one way or another fairly soon.

It all means the old BRANE is going into overdrive, ready for me to spend most of the weekend at WORK on the multimedia again. I'm hoping to get it finished by Monday thought, which is quite exciting - everything we're doing is getting within SIGHT of completion now, even if in some cases it does mean we're having to stand on a box and squint into the distance, and there will soon come a time when we STOP being a COMPANY BOARDROOM and start ROCKING again. Just as long as we remember to call it a SETLIST rather than an AGENDA, and we shall be FINE!

posted 31/3/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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