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I SWEPT across London last night to go and see Lardpony, who were LOVELY. I'd always had the impression that they might be a bit ramshackle in the Live Arena - i'd never seen them before, but they sounded like the kind of band who MIGHT be. My assumption was incorrect, they were TAUT and ROCKING. The set started off a bit AFEARED, i thought, but as it went along they Visibly Relaxed and started with THE DANCING and it was GRATE, especially "Teenwolf" and "Zombie Bride". ACE!

After them it was The Scarlet Tuesday who i have seen before and described as Prog Punk, quite correctly. This time however it was a LOT more Prog - indeed, at one point there were THREE WOODWIND INSTRUMENTS IN USE! AT THE SAME TIME! This, i felt, was A Bit Much. It's funny, a few years ago you could see them being a Post-Rock band, and a few years ago they'd've been like Fairport Convention or something, but here in the NOW they were POPPY and, indeed, FUN. It was also their Last Ever Gig, which is always a BITTERSWEET thing to see - knowing that each song is being played for the last ever time makes it all RATHER POIGNANT, especially in cases where some of the band are REALLY PLEASED to be packing it in and others less so. Don't know if that was the case this time, but it reminded me of the times when I've been in the same situation...

Anyway, after them it was Stuffy/The Fuses, but I had to go and catch a train so didn't see much of them. They did have rather brilliant "I'm Stuffy" and "I'm In The Fuses" t-shirts tho. I thought that was GRATE!

posted 5/6/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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Thanks for the nice words.
posted 21/8/2006 by Nick

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