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Blog: On The Radio!

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I was awoken by hungry CATS this morning, outside the bedroom door making a RIGHT old racket, but I was glad that I was, because it meant I put the radio on JUST as the Phill Jupitus Breakfast Show was starting on 6Music. I was sat on the other side of THE BOUDOIR getting myself sorted out for the day when I heard "Better Things To Do" playing. Now, I've heard this song a LOT over the past few months so it took me a few moments to realise "Hang on - that's on the RADIO!" for LO! it really WAS!!

TEXTS were sent to Concerned Parties and then I sent one to the show to say THANK YOU for playing it - hey! Manners, they are important! If you heard the show (or are going to Listen Again) you'll have heard him say "Hello Mark" shortly after reading out the name of the song, and that is the reason why.

It was all EXTRAORDINARILY EXCITING anyway - we're OFF!

posted 5/6/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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Good work, very exciting!
posted 5/6/2006 by Pauly

Daytime breakfast radio play ago go

Well done that man!
posted 6/6/2006 by Ne

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