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Blog: Xerox Teens

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It headed out for London's Fashonable SOHO last night to see The Xerox Teens... well, actually I just went to Chicken Royale, the club run by Charlie and Asha from The Fighting Cocks, and they were playing, but LO! it was a good thing they were as they were GRATE!

Okay, they sounded quite a lot like the Fall, but it was very much the GOOD bits of the Fall with a lot of added ACTION and DYNAMISM, also TUNES, and in the tiny little room at PUSH where the gig happened it was all TREMENDOUSLY EXCITING. It was loud and just ACE!

After that i felt the PAIN of Penny Broadhurst who was following them - i know what it is to go on on your own to try and interest people in WORDS when they have been ROCKED quite so comprehensively, and it is NOT EASY. I was even MORE afeared when I realised that she wasn't even playing guitar, it was POEMS. Now, I know it's wrong of me, but I long ago stopped pretending to like Live Poetry, it's almost always BORING, self-obsessed, and packed full of in-jokes for Live Poetry TYPES. And i must confess I also always think "They're just too lazy to learn to play guitar." BUT! She did win me over by the end, even with a poem ABOUT Live POetry TYPES and the need to be original which, actually, applied to ROCK too. ALSO there was a GRATE one at the end about Women's Rights which was ACE, i really liked her.

After that a man who had been PAINTED came on stage and danced around a bit. LONDON!

posted 8/6/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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Hello. Thank you and ting. It was lovely to meet you. I liked Xerox Teens lots too.

I can't play guitar, it is true. I can play chords, but only with 30 second gaps between them while I spazz about trying to find the next one. I play ukulele slightly better, because it's smaller and there is less stretching required. When there is money, there will be a backing band. I have some backing tracks wot I can sing and shout on but it all turns a bit karaoke. Or painted man, but I really don't fancy being a "performance artist". It's wank.
posted 11/6/2006 by Penny Broadhurst

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