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Blog: Postcards!

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Ooh, I've just had a DELIGHTFUL experience in retail. I've been searching around for the past week or so for a print shop where I can get some postcards made - the plan is to send a load of them out to record shops to ALERT them to the FACT that our album's coming out and that we're going to be on tour, so they MIGHT possibly want to order it in. I've not had a lot of joy, and was just walking along Bloomsbury's Scenic Street Of Sandwiches, Store Street, on the way to the post office when I realised there was a shop there called The Printing Centre. Might THEY be a place where Printing was undertaken, perhaps?

They were, and MY WORD what printing they did! They did me 15 sheets of A4 on card and then cut it into quarters, and charged me £2.50. The cheapest quote I'd got anywhere else was MORE THAN TEN TIMES AS MUCH!! I was ASTOUNDED, and the bloke there was really friendly, he even said how nice the finished items looked. I therefore recommend to you The Printing Centre, 30 Store Street, That London, for all your Bloomsbury based printing needs! I NOTED with interest that they also do really cheap prices for printing booklets, and was seized by the sudden URGE to do a fanzine or something, THAT'S how nice a retail experience it was.

And he was right about the postcards too, they look GRATE - i might do some more now!

posted 14/6/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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