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Blog: The Covers!

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It's been brought to my attention that we've never actually Officially Revealed the covers of WE VALIDATE! or Better Things To Do. I can only apologise for this gross omission and attempt to make up for it by saying LOOK! Here they are!

It's the cover to WE VALIDATE!

And here's Better Things To Do.

The cover for WE VALIDATE! is licenced from The Charles Babbage Institute, who I must say were EXTREMELY helpful and generally LOVELY. If you ever need to licence a picture of historical computer usage I heartily recommend them!

Better Things To Do, meanwhile, is a picture we had taken a couple of months ago at Chez Pattison after we'd had our BIG MEETING - there's another picture from this SESSION on the inside of the album, and OUTTAKES include in a rather GRATE one of Lola Pattison's head obscuring half the band as she tried to see what was going on. We tried all sorts of other ideas before settling on this one, and I must say I was rather surprised that nobody expressed upset at the fact we've got our OWN FACES on the cover. Perhaps the fact that our Most Indie members are on the back cover helped?

Anyway, ALL of this was done by Mr Tim Pattison, and LO! he really has done a GRATE job of it all . Both single and album look GORGEOUS, like minature versions of vinyl singles and albums in fact, and it gives the whole project a sheen of CLASS which i feel we may have missed when it was ME doing the designing...

So kindly join me in a SALUTE to our Rhythm Section Powerhouse: he has made us look SMART!

posted 15/6/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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