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The process of updating CONTINUES APACE - I've just made a few adjustments to the menu to the left which i know isn't HUGELY interesting, but it does HERALD the rather larger change I'm hoping to be making to it next week. It will make things look NICER. I've also updated some details on the GIGS page - it appears that the fashionable price for a Validators gig this season is VERY MUCH four quid.

Also added is a page where you can buy our stuff via AMAZON, as the listings for WE VALIDATE! and Better Things To Do have JUST gone online. I'm actually rather excited about this, as it's a LONG time since our new stuff has been on Amazon, and hopefully it'll mean a few more people will be able to get their hands on it.

If you ARE considering buying the new album, you might like to consider joining the MAILING LIST, as next week I'm going to be sending out details of how to take part in THE HALLS OF VALIDATION! This is the new REWARDS SCHEME for people who buy the album and/or single in the shops. It's all rather JOLLY, but it's ONLY open to people on that there MAILING LIST, so if you've not signed up yet, now would be the time!

And finally, while I'm here - I've just been listening to the forthcoming album "The Completist's Library" by SARANDON and it really is BLOODY GRATE - twenty eight (28!) songs of EXTREME poppiness and ACENESS in under an hour, it is a JOY to listen to. It's not out until August (yes, look at me, i got a PREVIEW COPY!) but I HEARTILY recommend it. Is ACE!

posted 16/6/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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