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Blog: On Sale Now

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At last the glorious day has arrived: Better Things To Do is OUT NOW! WHOO!

If you would like to purchase a copy (and i personally think it would be a Good Idea) you can get it from Record Shops, or from Amazon or indeed from our own shop. You should also be able to pre-order the album WE VALIDATE! from all of these outlets also.

Unfortunately my work isn't near ANY Independent Record Shops, or at least not near enough to enable me to nip in, have a look if the single's there, and if so make sure it's placed RIGHT at THE FRONT. I feel slightly sad to be missing out on this Traditional Ritual, but then slightly relieved to be missing the USUAL outcome of said ritual i.e. going in the shop and finding it isn't even there...

Hopefully some people will ALSO be taking part in THE HALLS OF VALIDATION - i look forward to receiving your photographs! And if you don't know what THE HALLS OF VALIDATION is, then it is time to join the mailing list!

posted 26/6/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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