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Blog: Demob Happy

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Whoo! You find me today carefree and giddy, for LO! I have now pretty much done EVERYTHING on my Big List Of Things To Do (ROCK). I've had this list in various forms since pretty much the start of the year, and it included everything from recording sessions and band practices to t-shirt orders, trips to the post office, and deadlines for press release drafts. There was a LOT of stuff on it - yesterday i posted out the last of the Tour Press Releases and this morning i've just ZAPPED the latest issue of The Last Working Day Of The Month to our lovely mailing list (many of whom seem to be spending today in meetings, judging by the automated responses), and that really is pretty much IT! If you're on the mailing list you can expect a couple more emails about GIGS and the album coming out, but other than that all I've got to do in July is ROCK! Yeah! Also, WHOO!

And just to get us started off, another LOVELY review's come in, from To Hell With. It's a GOOD one!

posted 30/6/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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