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The Last Working Day Of The Month: Issue 181

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(MJ Hibbett & The Validators FACT, March 31st 2021)

Hello all, and welcome to this SPRINGTIME edition of the newsletter - let's get started!

Saturday 10 April - Birkbeck College (online)
Presenting 'The Swingin' Sound Of Sixties Marvel' at Transitions 9: New Directions in Comics Studies
Details and registration HERE:

Saturday 26 June - The Furnace, Derby
The Validators return to The Furnace's beer festival (if lockdown goes OK)

Mr FA Machine and I are very proud to announce the release of an EP of superhero theme tunes called 'The Swingin' Sounds Of Sixties Marvel'. It features our versions of six songs from Marvel cartoons of the 60s as well as the 'Mighty Mouse' and 'Batman' themes, and will be available on Friday 2 April via Bandcamp, HERE:

We recorded the songs to accompany a presentation we're doing the following week at the 'Transitions 9' conference. You can find details about the conference, and how to register for free, HERE:

We've also put together a rather nifty superhero playlist on Spotify, which you can listen to HERE:

This month I took part in an online show where all sorts of people performed Ramones songs for Joey Ramone's birthday, raising money for OCD and lymphoma research. You can see my bit (and maybe make a donation) HERE:

I've recorded new acoustic versions of 'Hey Hey 16K' and 'Programming Is A Poetry For Our Time' for an album called 'Blank Canvas', which is raising money to support The Retro Computing Museum in Leicester. It's an enormous THREE CD SET which also features our pals The British IBM and Chris Abbott, and you can buy it HERE:

Velvet Sheep fanzine is now broadcasting a radio show every Tuesday evening full of weird, great, and weirdly great tunes, with a theme tune created by Jane and John! You can find all the shows HERE:

Sorted Supremo Dave Dixey has been busily uploading his video archive to YouTube. It's packed with stuff from Leicester's 'Sorted Scene' of the mid-90s, which means there's a lot of me and a lot of Tim in there, including Voon and The Council, and you can find it all HERE:

And that's enough for now I think - thanks for listening and maybe see some of you in real life soon-ish!



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