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The Last Working Day Of The Month: Issue 39

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(MJ Hibbett & The Validators FACT, April 30th 2008 )

Hello all, and welcome to this VIDEO AGE edition of the newsletter. Before we go any further, a hearty welcome to all the people who're getting this for the first time, having come to us via YouTube and so on. Hope the newsletter is to your taste but do let me know if it isn't and I'll unsubscribe you.

Right then, let's ROCK!


This month I appear to have accidentally booked myself on TOUR, as follows:

Thursday May 1 - Lee Rosy's Tea Room, Nottingham
(with Frankie Machine and Phil Wilson of The June Brides.)

Saturday May 3 - Monkey Chews, London *
(With Zipper, Horowitz and The Bumblebees.)

Sunday May 4 - Fox & Firkin, Lewisham *
(On at 4pm at the FoxFest All-Dayer)

Monday May 5 - University of Sheffield Students' Union, Sheffield *
(Evening set at the annual Fuzz Club BBQ)

Wednesday May 7 - The Bandstand, Stoke *
(With A Smile And a Ribbon, Horowitz and DJ Rocker.)

Thursday May 8 - Jamm, Brixton *
(With Gin Riots and The Boycott Coca-Cola Experience)

Thursday May 22 - Firebug, Leicester
(With The Mai 68s and Phil Wilson)

Friday May 30 - The Prince Albert, Brixton *
(The Offline club)

Check for further details.
* means it's a solo gig, otherwise expect Validators!


The month began with us taking part in the Pennfest all-dayers/rolling revue in Leeds and London. We had a WHALE of a time in Leeds, including CURRY, and then met an Unusual Soundman in London. The rest of the time was spent on two LOVELY solo gigs in London, one at The Perseverance (which is on video in FULL, HERE: and then at The Lamb for Totally Acoustic with Mr Frankie Machine. An all round GRATE month for gigs!


"Do The Indie Kid" came out at the start of the month and is still VERY MUCH available on vinyl from our shop ( It's been doing rather well so far, with plays on Radio 2, 6Music and various varieties of XFM, amongst others. Even more excitingly, the video ( ) spent the a couple of weeks on the front page of YouTube UK, which meant THOUSANDS of new people went and looked at it. It was BRILLIANT!!


We've got a fab new item in our online shop - Do The Indie Kid HEADBANDS! These are hand-made by Emma from authentic vintage materials, and come in two varieties - Alice Band and Head Bands. They're ACE, and available right now at .

Also in the online shop, a few items are beginning to run low - there's only about 12 copies each left of "Milk & Baubles" and "Shed Anthems", and the re-stock of "Born With The Century" is VERY low. If you fancy any of these, get in quick!

Meanwhile the PLANS for "My Exciting Life In ROCK", our Edinburgh Fringe Show, are moving along. I think I've pretty much worked out which songs and which stories will be featured, as well as how it's all going to hang together. I've not tried it out properly yet though! If you fancy coming along, it'll be at the Medina, August 4th-9th - I'm hoping to do some previews beforehand too, but I'll let you know about them when I know myself!

Related to this, there's a THRILLING plan in the air linking The Show and the next single ... but as I only thought of it last night and it's still very much In Discussion I think I'd best leave that until next time!

And finally, we now have a Facebook Group, at . There's not a _huge_ amount of stuff there at the moment, largely because I find Facebook PERPLEXING, but I'll try and get some more up there soon!

And I think that's about it for now - thanks for listening, and hopefully see you ON THE ROAD!



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