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The Last Working Day Of The Month: Issue 44

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(MJ Hibbett & The Validators FACT, September 30th 2008 )

Hello all, and welcome to this AUTUMN TERM edition of the newsletter. Let's GO!


This month I shall be playing actual GIGS as follows:

Sunday October 5 - The Star, London
(The Anything Goes Club, starts about 6pm)

Sunday October 12 - The Salmon & Compass, London
(DJ SET at The Hangover Lounge, 1-7pm)

Sunday October 12 - Catch 22, London
(John Peel day, with PW Long, Former Utopia and more)

Tuesday October 14 - The Green Dragon, Croydon
(Freedom Of Expression, with Eddie's Brother, General Paulus and Matt Knowles)

Sunday October 19 - Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes, London
(Guest spot with the All Star Band at Bowl & Sebastian.)

Tuesday October 21 - The Lamb, London
(Totally Acoustic night, with Tom From Lardpony.)

Saturday October 25 - University of Sheffield Students' Union, Sheffield

Sunday October 26 - The Waiting Room, Middlesbrough
(My Exciting Life In ROCK, with Bob Fischer)

More details, as ever, at


It's been a pretty gentle, rather DELIGHTFUL, month for Live Rock And Roll this month, kicking off with TWO lovely gigs in Birmingham, one at EXTREME short notice with The Graham Parsnip Liquidiser Torture Think-Tank (revival) and then the traditional Ray's Mum's Garden Gig in... er... Ray's Mum's Garden, with Mr Pete Green. There was a really good night in Croydon (which I'm sure is said A LOT) with Jenny Lockyer, Superman Revenge Squad and some FREE BEER, another rather boozy Totally Acoustic with the MAJESTIC Owen Tromans, and then the first London gig for The Validators in AGES at The Buffalo Bar. All good!


We've been back in the studio this month, doing some tiny bits on the next album but MOSTLY recording Cover Versions. We completely DID our version of "Glory Days" by Mr Bruce Springsteen for a WIAIWYA compilation, and recorded about EIGHT versions of "Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue" for a Ramones one. Producer Pattison should be in the studio soon to MIX and then CONCATENATE all the versions, and then with any luck we'll be onto the home stretch for the album itself. We have a PLAN to release it next Spring, but regular correspondents will be aware that our INTENTIONS in these directions do not always precisely match subsequent EVENTS.


Congratulations are in order to various Validators, firstly to Mr FA Machine on his recent NUPTIALS, secondly to Mr T Pattison on his BIG BIRTHDAY. We had TWO Validator parties this month, both featuring BEER, DANCING and, in Mr Machine's case, some rather fine CURRY. It was all rather lovely.

Thanks everyone who entered the DJing competition - I didn't expect anybody to do it, so when there were LOADS of people I was a) pleased but b) ALARMED at the prospect of having to make a choice, although in the end Mr S Blower was the VICTOR. Well done sir! We'll be laying down some "platters" on "the steels of wheels" from 1pm to 7pm on October 12th at The Salmon & Compass. Do pop along if you can, I am sure it will be "the bomb".

Finally, next year's Edinburgh Fringe show looks like being a BATTLE between TWO mighty ideas, "MJ Hibbett, As Seen On The Interweb" and "Dinosaur Planet". It WAS going to definitely be the former, but after writing and performing the THEME TUNE to the latter it has very much edged back into contention. The only (almost completely) definite thing about it is that I shall be going again!

And that's about the lot for now - thanks for listening, and see you next month!



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