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The Last Working Day Of The Month: Issue 54

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(MJ Hibbett & The Validators FACT, July 29th 2009 )

Hello all and welcome to this Slightly Early (International Touring! WHOO!) Newsletter. Let's DO it!


This month I'm doing some WELL swanky gigs, as follows:

Thursday July 30 - The Southside Cavern, Stockholm
(Cosy Den fifth anniversary festival, with Johan Hedberg and Let's Whisper)

Tuesday August 4 - The Green Dragon, London
(With Superman Revenge Squad, Bluehouse and Stephen McGourty)

DINOSAUR PLANET @ The Edinburgh Fringe
Medina & Negociants, Edinburgh
Friday August 7 - Monday August 10, 7pm
Wednesday August 12 - Thursday August 13, 7pm
Friday August 14 - Saturday August 15 3.30pm
Tickets available at

Sunday August 23 - The Lexington, London
('Dinosaur Planet' at The Hangover Lounge, 4pm ish)

Check for further details.

Saturday August 29 - Ray's Mum's Back Garden


I've done some SMASHING gigs this month, kicking off with Gemma and Craig's lovely wedding in Ironbridge then launching into THREE Dinosaur Planet Previews which all seemed to go SURPRISINGLY WELL. I think we've got ourselves a show! I then did an indietracks warm-up in Leicester before hitting the festival itself to play in a LUDICROUSLY FULL railway carriage. It was MAGIC - look, it says so in The Guardian!


You will, I am sure, be AMAZED/APPALLED to hear that 'Regardez, Ecoutez Et Repetez' did NOT make it onto the Mercury Prize Shortlist - I do intend, however, to refer to is as a 'Mercury Prize CONTENDER' from now on, because, well, it WAS!

It's also still very much available on Amazon ( ), most download sites and, best of all I think, directly from our SHOP ( ) - I recommend a visit to the SPECIAL OFFERS page ( )!


I'm still a bit dazed after the UNENDING LOVE FEST that was Indietracks. It was a fantastic weekend full of brilliant people, most of whom I seemed to end up talking to! My personal highpoint was Art Brut, who were AMAAAAZING - especially, I have to say, when they got the whole tramshed shouting "MJ HIbbett! Top Of The Pops!" I felt like my GRIN was going to burst my FACE!

'Dinosaur Planet' preparations are almost complete - the trailer video is online ( ), the badges are ready, the flyers are being folded and Steve has bought his SPACE DINOSAUR COSTUME for flyering in! We're REALLY looking forward to it, and I'm already thinking of how we can TOUR it. If you're in Edinburgh do please pop along!

And finally, apparently the BBC4 are making a new sitcom called 'System Era', all about Clive Sinclair and the early days of home computing. I know it's unlikely, but if anybody knows anyone vaguely connected to it I'd be EXTREMELY grateful if a good word could be put in about using 'Hey Hey 16K' somewhere in it. It'd be wrong not to!

And I think that's about it for now - thanks for listening, and see you next time!



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