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The Last Working Day Of The Month: Issue 68

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(MJ Hibbett & The Validators FACT, September 30th 2010)

Hello everybody - we've got a new album and TWO tours to talk about this time, so let's GET GOING!


Monday 11 October - The Lamb, London
(Totally Acoustic with Gavin Osborn and Dr Neil Brown)

Sunday 24 October - The Waiting Room, Stockton on Tees
(Dinosaur Planet in a double bill with Being 747's "Amoeba To Zebra")

Tuesday 26 October - The Lamb, London
(Totally Acoustic with Winston Echo and Pete Green)

Monday 8 November - The Lamb, London
(Totally Acoustic with Frankie Machine and Jimmy from The Bobby McGees)

Saturday 13 November - Nook Cafe, Northampton
(Dinosaur Planet evening show, doors 8pm)

Saturday 13 November - The Victoria, Birmingham
(Dinosaur Planet afternoon show gig starts 3.00pm PROMPT)

Check for more information.


As promised last time, the traditional Early Bird Offer for "Forest Moon Of Enderby" is available NOW, HERE:

The main album features twelve full band songs previously released as b-sides with an extra 23 solo songs on the multimedia bit of the CD, including LOTS of previously unreleased material.

The whole thing will be available for EVERYONE on Amazon, iTunes, Bandcamp and so forth from October 18th but until then it's available to newsletter subscribers at the super knock-down bargain price of 7.50. Why, at that price it would be economically imprudent NOT to buy it!


In order to promote the album I'm going to do an extensive three month TOUR. In one pub.

Every fortnight until Christmas there's going to be a Totally Acoustic gig at The Lamb in London with a range of FANTASTIC special guests, followed by an exciting PODCAST of the best of each evening. All the details are HERE:

These gigs are ALWAYS lovely and I'm hoping this'll be a way for more people to enjoy them, I'm VERY excited about the whole thing! We're all set up so you can subscribe through iTunes, or directly through us, and we'll even have a streaming version - here's the TRAILER!


After a short break we're back in Dinosaur Planet ACTION at the end of the month as the TOUR begins. If you've not seen it yet - or indeed if you HAVE - do come along, we're getting quite good at it now!


"Two Of The Beatles Have Died" - the album inspired by THIS song - is at last available to download from Corporate Records. It's a bewilderingly ACE mix of the strange and the rather lovely, and you can buy it for however much you like, HERE:


And finally, another Indietracks appeal, this time for your VOTES. The festival's been nominated in FOUR categories (including Best Small Festival and the prestigious Best Toilets) for the UK Festival Awards, ALL of which they richly deserve to win. Voting details below - I HEARTILY endorse their candidacy!

And I think that's the lot for now - thanks for listening, and see you next time!



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