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The Last Working Day Of The Month: Issue 88

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(MJ Hibbett & The Validators FACT, June 29th, 2012)

Hello all, and welcome to this MIDSUMMER edition of the newsletter - we've got t-shirts, podcasts, competitions and all sorts to talk about this time, so let's get to it!

Saturday 21 July - Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes, London
The Validators return to the bowling alley for the FINAL PopArt all-dayer, onstage about 7pm!

Sunday 22 July - The Red House, Sheffield
The Tramlines Festival, with Sweet Nothings, August Actually, Vom Vorton, The Mini Skips and load more.

Monday 13 August - The Camden Head, London
'Dinosaur Planet' returns to The Camden Fringe for one night only as a warm-up for the Green Man Festival.
tickets HERE:

Check for more information.

This month the shop has been taking pre-orders for 'Dinosaur Planet' t-shirts in children's sizes. I'm going to be making the final order on Monday night, so if you'd like one please get in QUICK!

I know that people reading this newsletter enjoy AWESOME and EXCITING things, but we've had reports of some poor timid souls who've simply not been able to cope with how THRILLING "Dinosaur Planet" is. So, just for them, we've created a new version with all of the linking sections removed, songs edited and re-ordered to remove story references and several taken out altogether. It's even got a nice normal photograph of the band on the cover! It's called "Dinosaur Planet (REDUX)", and you can read all about it here:

Tell your timid friends - but tell them gently!

The final, rather lovely, podcast for this run is now available to download, featuring Mr James Agnew and Mr Pete Green. It's probably the last show for this year, but FEAR NOT! There will be a couple MORE podcasts in this series, as I ferret out the best of the HOURS of extra songs that haven't been podcast yet.

I'm HONOURED to be one of the judges for the AMAZING 'Science Songwriter Competition', which hopes to find Britainís best science songwriters aged 18 or under. Prizes included Green Man tickets, a recording session and MUSIC VOUCHERS! All people need to do is record a song about science and submit an mp3 to the organisers at . Closing date is July 13th, and the full details are HERE:

Next year there may be one or two SCHOOLS doing 'Dinosaur Planet' for their school play. I think this is rather wonderful, and would like to encourage it EVERYWHERE, so if you'd be interested in putting it on at YOUR school (or know somebody else who might) do get in touch. Anyone who'd like to do it this year or next can do it for FREE!

And finally - there's now a dedicated twitter account for The Validators, @thevalidators , with news about ... well, The Validators. Do follow them, please!

And I think that's enough excitement for now - thanks for listening, and see you next time!


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