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MJ Hibbett & The Validators: Silver Rocket SR50

Compilations: Silver Rocket SR50

This was released to celebrate the fiftieth night of the Silver Rocket club, run by Rachel and Andy from Silver Rocket. Each of the fifty bands has appeared there at some point, and very kindly they asked me to be one of them. My song's a jolly bit of smut that had been hanging around for ages, which I'd recorded at Kev's at the same time as Hibbett's Golden Rules Of Beer and the first demo of The Lesson Of The Smiths and, as you can probably guess from the titles of the other songs, it tends to stick out a little bit!

Valreas to Villard de Lans (180km) - Joeyfat
Ripped Up - Stanton
Giri/Ninjo - Ship's a Going Down
Marvin's Dance - These Hands
Albanian Modes - Macrocosmica
Get This Way - Spraydog
Deep In The Ground - Torgas Valley Reds
Non-Descript - KaitO
Knit 1 Pearl 1 - Help She Can't Swim
Dangerous Drifter - Todd
Keep Them All Afraid And They'll Consume - The Rock Of Travolta
The Electricity Bill - The Scaramanga Six
Lay Down In The Grass - Pfaff
Baijoul - Lords
Hand Of God - Fixit Kid
Seedsy - Part Chimp
Nineteen - Beachbuggy
Wind Me Up - Querelle
Two Broke Kids Bikes/These Wet Houston Driveways - The Edmund Fitzgerald
Thelonious Monk vs Melodious Funk - Cove
Devoid Of Green - Los Planetos Del Agua
Radiodistalgesic - Youthmovie Soundtrack Strategies
Yunga (live at Silver Rocket) - Reynolds
We Examine - Drop Bear
Het Blauwe Stad - Jullander
Who Died And Made You Botanist? - Audiowhore
Raindrowned - Weevil (vs Swedish Chef)
Carving The Iron Moustache Part One - Princess Headbutt
Point Of Goodbyes - Jet Johnson
Sinc (Kevin Shields Mix) - Mercedes
Needless Talks - Prague
Heartfelt Letter To An Ex- Friend - Tempertwig
Indoor Skiing - Radio Stoke
Blow Out - Castro
The Silver Surfer - Magoo
Une, Deux, trois, quatre... - Les Flames!
Get Saved - Pilot To Gunner
Racing Line - Team
Mammoth - Oil Red O
White Lightning - Montana Pete
Boy Parts - Reverend Pike
Is It Dieter Or Is It Peter? - Twinkie
Car & Kettle - Hyper Kinako
Black Pants - DJ Downfall
Creep Diet - Ann Arbor
I've Got What You Need - MJ Hibbett
From The Cell Door To The Gallows - William E Whitmore
Turn Off The Machines (live) - Econoline
Hey! I Look Good In Jeans (live) - Wolves! (Of Greece)
Silver Rocket - Hey! Colossus

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