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MJ Hibbett & The Validators: Suction Prints

Compilations: Suction Prints

Nice big vinyl compilation from Sorted Records. First released to coincide with Abbey Park (in 2000 i think) with hand drawn covers by all the people on the album. It was then re-released the next year with a standard cover, which is the one shown here.

My song is the same version as on Home Taping Is Killing Music. When Sorted Supremo asked me for a track I was playing in his pub, The Durham Ox, pretty much every other Sunday, and this particular song was as near as I ever got to a Live Favourite in fact, I dimly recall someone turning up one week with Actual Genuine Red & White Socket one weekend - so it seemed like a logical choice. It also appears on Warriors Of Nanpantan.

Francesca - Zipperfish
Wood - The Creams
Have You Seen My Brown Shoes? - Dalmation Rex and The Eigentones
Red Brick Shoes - John Sims
Tweaky Dave and The Cruel Fates - Mel McCrory
Red and White Sockets - MJ Hibbett
I Wish I Was John Peel's Son - Jeremy
Bed of Flint - Fish From Tahiti
Atrocity - The Freed Unit
Clocktower Lights - Airport Girl
Misery - The Abandoned
My Favourite Animal is the Whyte Tyga - Twinkie
The Lost Childhood - Kevin Hewick
Big Freeze - The Melons
1996 - The Non-Writers

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