1. Paul & Lucy Smith, Leicester
2. Stuart Dredge, London
3. Mark Franklin, Befordshire
4. Jamie Sutcliffe, Leicester
5. Mark Correia, New Bedford, USA
6. Mike Beardsworth, Stafford
7. Gregg Weiss, New York, USA
8. Filipo Dulio, Cordenons, Italy
9. Chris Ashley, Oakland, USA
10. Steve Clark, London
11. A L Franco Garay, Sidney, Australia
12. Alex Washtell, Southampton
13. Ed Broom, Ipswich
14. Chris Duffy, Maidenhead
15. Gavin Bramer, Culverstone
16. Aaron Fimister, Fife
17. Adam Wood, Cardiff
18. Paul Jervis, Halifax
19. Jim Laflin, Bury St Edmunds
20. Rupert Elder, Bury St Edmunds
21. Mark Morton, Leeds
22. Robert Dibenedetto, Bothell, USA
23. Duncan Martin, Nottingham
24. Matthew Breach, Chalfont St. Giles
25. Chris Stanley, Oxford
26. Andrew Paterson, Cardiff
27. Keith Baylis, Gloucester
28. Jon Fautley, Horsham
29. Cristian Holmes, Leicester
30. Alfred Archer, Glasgow
31. Robin Harbron, Thunder Bay, Canada
32. Jason Turbyfill, Salem, USA
33. Jonathan Moseley, Dorset
34. Benjamin Serrette, Lafayette, USA
35. David Griffin, Edinburgh
36. J.Mark Pim, Leighton Buzzard
37. Julian Emerson-Elliot, Duffy, Australia
38. Dan Bayliss, Worcester
39. Nick Ladlow, Sheffield
40. Mark Glanville, Farnborough
41. Jeff Higgott, Ipswich
42. Francis O'Brien, London
43. Nigel McMahon, Rochdale,
44. Gary Urquhart, Glasgow,
45. EJ Bolan, Darwen
46. Tony Davies, Southport
47. Stephen Kemp, Sheffield
48. William Jankowski, Mystic CT, USA
49. Phil Collins, Dorset
50. Roger King, Hitchin
51. Kristina Haehn, Berlin, Germany
52. Sam Smith, Sheffield
53. Paul Baker, Chandler AZ, USA
54. Gordon Gray, Aberdeen
55. Douglas Greenhough, Bath
56. Nick from Cheshire
57. Denis O'Kane, North Lanarkshire
58. George Swinnerton, Chester
59. Jorma Lindgren, Lund, Sweden
60. A Hawaiian Gentleman, Mililani HI, USA
Welcome to the mini-site for Shed Anthems, released by Artists Against Success and Sorted Records.

The cheapest and SEXIEST way to buy it would be from the MJ Hibbett Shop for £5.00 - this includes postage and packing, anywhere in the world! As you can see, the first sixty people to buy from the MJ Hibbett Shop have had their names ENGRAVED here on the SHED OF RENOWN for all eternity! (ish). If you wish to EMULATE their mighty deed, the shop is OPEN!

Alternatively, if you can't use Paypal, you can buy it direct from Amazon simply by clicking this here link. It may take a little longer to get there, and I think they charge P&P, but it's the quickest and easiest way if you haven't already got PayPal set up.

Finally, it's available (in theory at least) from your local record store. It's distributed by Shellshock Distribution via Pinnacle, catalogue SRSC037, so they should be able to order it from you in the (fairly likely) event that they haven't got it in stock.

Whichever way you decide to buy, I hope you grow to love it. Now, let's ROCK!