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Here's a list of all the new and/or unreleased songs in The Database Of ROCK.
  • A.D.A. Lovelace
  • At Least It's Christmas
  • A Weekend Lover's Lot
  • Dad Jokes
  • Dance You Buggers
  • Deeper
  • Democracies Or Dictatorships
  • Didn't We Learn A Load Of Old Shit?
  • Don't Want To Get Out Of Bed (not just yet)
  • Even When You're Glad It's Gone
  • Facebook Manifesto
  • Following A Star
  • Forgiveness Is A Cuckoo
  • Friday Night In
  • Get Out More
  • Here Comes The Christmas Robot
  • I Knew It'd Happen To You (because it happened to me)
  • I'm Doing The Ironing
  • I Think You Might Be Me
  • I Wish That I Was Normal
  • Let's Leave Our Jobs And Move To London
  • Like A Sun In The Night
  • Monster Island
  • My Computer Guy Voice
  • No Matter How Far Afield I Stray
  • Normal
  • On And On And On
  • Operation Ignore It And Hope It Goes Away
  • Seventeen With a Bullet
  • Song For A 49th Birthday
  • Storm House
  • The Kids Deserve Better
  • (theme from) My Exciting Life In ROCK
  • The Mind Cannot Conceive Of Another Season
  • The Night I Denied Myself To Comedy
  • Totally Acoustic
  • Travelling By Train
  • Two Drips, One Pane
  • Wallies
  • We Are The Validators
  • We Haven't Really Started Yet
  • You Can Be Whatever You Want To Be
  • You'll Always Be My Baby Brother (even though you're six foot three)
  • Young People, Bring Me Your Problems

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