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Songs: An Antidote To Cloning

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Professor Peter Probersite, Professor of Space Physics, looked askance at his colleague. What's the reason? This is.

Doctor Darren Dedicoat of the Genetics Department was showing him the results of his new experiment.

"Behold, I've made a perfect clone - a replica human being"

Professor Peter Probersite could not believe what he was seeing. "I hope this is a prototype," he muttered, looking worried.

"Why no, this is the 59th," said Darren, "I was in a hurry. And look in here, there's thousands more. They'll make me loads of money!"

The Prof said, "Hang on, is it me or do those clones look angry?"

Smashing out of their test tubes the Army of clones wake up and with a look of violence they march upon their maker.

"Run", they yelled, in unison but their escape was thwarted. Somehow the lab door had been locked - their plan to flee, aborted.

"We're doomed" they screamed, then suddenly Darren had an idea. "But do I have the right?" he pondered as the first wave of clones drew near.

"We're scientists", said Probersite, "Philosophy be blasted!"

"All right" said Dedicoat "it's time to end this where it started"

He dashed upstair to a room where a sealed beaker was displayed. He smashed it and, in tears, shouted "God forgive what I do today!"

The clones upon the stairs were first to fall as the gas struck them and down below their fellow clones soon joined them in the fallen. "An antidote to cloning - I thought this might be useful" said Doctor Darren Dedicoat. "So functional, so brutal."

He looked around for his colleague and suddenly he saw Professor Peter Probersite lay dead upon the floor. He looked up and, through a window, saw himself shaking his head. Doctor Dedicoat realised... and then he fell down dead.

The moral of the story's this: those academics weren't alone. Watch out for cloning antidotes, you too could be a cloooooooooooooojd983


Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

The tag #sixwordnovels went ZIPPING round twitter the other day. Excited I joined in, and this was my favourite suggestion:

Let's clone! What? RUN! Aha! Oops

I liked it so much that the actual story FLOWERED in my BRANE over lunch, when I realised I could make it my next FAWM song. I'd been thinking about doing a song where I wrote the words first, so in a spare half hour at work that afternoon I wrote the whole story.

The music for this one was based on the first thing I did for FAWM on the morning of February 1st - I had a GRATE idea for a riff so set to recording it... only to have it pointed out to me, in no uncertain terms, that it was 8.30 in the morning and I should probably show some consideration for the neighbours. Thus the song got put quietly away for a couple of weeks, waiting for the moment when it was needed.

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