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Songs: A Very Special Relationship

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We’re gonna have a very special relationship
Hands across the water is how it always oughta be for you and me
I’ll be your buddy
I’ll be your chum
We’re gonna get a lot of foreign policy done!

We’re gonna have a special relationship
(bap bap) Special Relationship

Remember Macmillan and JFK?
Those two cowpokes rubbed along OK
But we’ll go together like a pair of pants
Mr President, would you care to dance?

(tap dance extravaganza)

What ever else happens, when it comes to tap
We will always be almost equally crap!

We’re gonna have a very special relationship
Our respect will be mutual
Our entente will be cordiale
Always within international law
Hey, that’s what the rule of law is for!

We’re gonna have a special relationships
(bap bap) Special relationship!
(bap bap) Special relationship!

We’re gonna have a very difficult relationship
Like Elvis and the Beatles, we’re gonna meet infrequently, you and me
We’ll go together like a sandwich and ants
A nadir in the North Atlantic alliance
We’re gonna have a difficult relationship - Goodbye sir!
A difficult relationship - But Tex!
A difficult relationship
That’s president Lyndon B Johnson to you! Asswipe!

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

Duet between Harold Wilson and Lyndon B Johnson. This is another example of the kind of in-depth research I do when writing musicals, because Wilson and Johnson really DID have a TERRIBLE relationship. It's practically BIOGRAPHY this song!

It also features another HUGE MOMENT of the show, when Steve and I would launch into the TAP DANCE EXTRAVAGANZA. It was always good to play somewhere with a nice CLUMPY stage, as we could make a right old racket!

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