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Songs: Families Being Brave

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I'm tired of seeing families being brave
I'm tired of hearing pleas for restraint
I'm tired of seeing priests deliver speeches by the graves
I'm tired of seeing families being brave
I'm tired of seeing killers on the news
I'm tired of hearing bigots air their views
I'm tired of politicians giving creedence to their claims
I'm tired of seeing families being brave
You can blame the British If you like
You can call the Pope the antichrist
But look into South Africa, i hope you feel ashamed
About the families that you force to be brave
I don't respect your history
Until it's in the past
There's no glory for a thug behind a mask
Your grievances stretch back for centuries
Too much invested in a war for peace
While shits in suits indulge in slaughter, close up on their face
And then cut to shots of families being brave

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

This was written in about 10 minutes all in one go, after seeing yet another weaselly git from one of the Irish parties (can't remember which) trying to look threatening by saying "unspecified action" would be taken if they didn't get their way, then refusing to take any responsibility for yet more people dying. It all seems like a really long time ago know.

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