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Songs: Honey Honey You Work Too Hard

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Honey honey, you work too hard
They don't appreciate you
Honey honey, you work too hard
It's like you don't know what else you're supposed to do
Well, you could stop feeling judged by
The workshy
Honey honey, you know that you work too hard

Honey Honey, you work too late
It's like The Marie Celeste
Honey Honey, you work too late
In the pool of light from the lamp on your desk
The useless buggers you work with
They're not worth it
Honey Honey, you know that you work too late

I do not work in the real world
I can confirm that's true
I only visit the real world
When I'm waiting here for you

Honey Honey, I love you
I love the fact that you care
Honey Honey, I love you
I love the way you work on when no-one else is there
And when the call for last orders is gone
I'll still be stood here by the intercom Singing honey honey you know that I love you

Honey honey you work too late
Honey honey I think you're GRATE
Honey honey you work too hard
And I love you

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

On the evening I was first having a go at Even When You're Glad It's Gone, the Light On My Landing was, yet again, staying really late to try and get some things finished off at work. At about 8.30 she rang to let me know she was on the way home, and so I set off to meet her, taking a pen and notepad just in case any more words for the above mentioned song popped into my head.

However, as I strode through Lower Leytonstone towards the tube station, my feelings about her having to work all these extra hours suddenly FORMED themselves into song, and almost straight away the first two verses appeared. Later that evening I found myself pretty much saying them straight out to her, without her noticing that it was actually in RHYME, and the bits in brackets basically developed to take in her RESPONSES to my concerns. It's not the first time we've had this conversation!

The next morning (SATURDAY August 30th) she set off again to do some MORE work, and as I thought about how UNJUST it was that someone so brilliant should have to go and do SO much extra work to make up for the twits and tossers who had left at 3.30pm the previous day, KNOWING that they could leave things for her to do instead, the rest of this song arrived. Well, actually, quite a lot MORE of this song arrived in the form of some rather VIOLENT imagery to do with how such people might be DEALT with, but I thought it was, perhaps, a bit much, so SHAVED it back to the rather rocking little number you see before you know.

I mean all of it, especially the last verse.

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